Sweet Talk from Sweet Adventurers

group of women in hut“I had the most fantastic experience and am already thinking about my next adventure!” ~ Kathy

“All of Sweetlife’s adventures are sweet!  i guess if i had to choose, i’d say i particularly loved indoor rock climbing, indoor sky diving, and snowshoeing… i would recommend ANY adventure to ANYONE considering it…and i have to say that i went to my first Sweetlife Adventure after stumbling on it on the internet, i can’t even remember how – i signed up for a trapeze class in Denver and headed down all alone – but Kristi made me feel completely comfortable and welcome from minute one – DO NOT hesitate to go alone – many (maybe most?) of the participants are there solo – please consider going at all part of your Adventure – it is a boost to your confidence and adventursome self, & WELL WORTH IT!” ~ Jody

“I had SO MUCH FUN! It was great to spend time with a fun group of women and do something out of the box (and a little intimidating). Really, really great event! Thank you!” ~Kristine

“I loved the angel “adventure” and I love that you are sharing the sweet life with all of us” ~ Ali

“It was a fun, exhilarating day.  You are doing such an incredible job of keeping young (excepting Sarah and yours truly), vibrant women on the road to life-long adventures in the outdoors.  But we LOVE being included.  I look forward to every newsy letter just to see your latest ideas.  Best wishes for another exciting year!” ~ Claire

“HUGE thank you for an amazing experience. When I was on that mountain, I knew that it was an incredible experience but the more I think about it now (being home), it truly was epic.” ~ Lesley

“I LOVED the zombie experience, dance instructor, mexi buffet, Sweetlife approach and new friends! You do such a wonderful job of pulling it all together. I was (I guess you always remain one, even though you don’t do it every day — it is in the genes!) an event planner in my past career, so I know what it takes, and you do it with passion and ease. I am in awe!” ~ Amy

“That was an incredible night!! We all had so much fun. It was so fun to see the video and to see Sadie dance again. She is truly amazing!! I can’t wait for our next adventure with you!” ~ Kim