Target Shooting & Safety Lesson with Navy SEALs

Target Shooting & Safety Lesson with Navy SEALs

Hello Angels, this is Charlie.

Your mission is to join former Navy SEALs for an exclusive private lesson in target shooting and safety. This once in a lifetime experience will include weapon safety and handling, crucial self defense tips, and empowering target practice at an indoor shooting range.

All gear and safety equipment is included.

Here’s what’s being said about this empowering day ~

“I HAVE to tell you….how much I loved the target lesson today.  I feel so ….empowered! I have always considered myself a gun-hater, yet a tiny bit intrigued about guns.  I have never shot a gun and today was my first time having a gun in my hand. After this lesson, I feel that I have a small understanding on how the gun works.  Its not just a Man lovers piece of iron.”

“Such a unique experience.  I knew I would try to drop it into every conversation I had this week and I have.  “Did you say you are shopping for oven ranges?  I was actually at a shooting range this week and…”

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Wednesday, February 11
6 – 9 pm


Women. Feathered hair optional.


BluCore Shooting Center*
7860 West Jewell Avenue
Lakewood CO, 80232

*This is an indoor shooting range.

Map it here.


Comfortable clothing. Sweatshirt. Closed toe shoes.


Nothing. Well — steady hands wouldn’t hurt.


  • Shooting and safety instruction from a team of former Navy SEALS
  • Use of this state-of-the art, ventilated indoor shooting range
  • Eye & ear protection and any other required gear
  • Firearms & ammunition
  • Snacks
  • Drinks & water
  • Empowering opportunity to explore this intense experience in a safe & supportive setting.