The Sweetness of 48 Hours

Posted on Wednesday October 26

I recently spent 48 hours with four of my favorite people on the planet ~

We all have these people in our lives.

People you have known for years (16 for this group). You travel together (Charleston, SC this time). You have “remember when” stories (since we met as Peace Corps Volunteers in Senegal, West Africa, we have a few darn good ones). You have outside differences. And inside jokes. You debate, dissect, and analyze the big stuff. You laugh hysterically about the little stuff.

When you are together, you feel good. You share. You learn. You are 100% you.

These are the friendships that feed our souls.

In 16 years, very little has changed.

Perhaps we are a bit cleaner, don’t often wear handmade clothes, and communicating via postcards in the mail has been replaced by text, email, facebook & twitter - but the love and respect continue to run deep.

Thank you Doug, Kelli, Peg & Ryan for making me 48 hours better of a person.

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