The Happy of the Season

Posted on Wednesday December 7

Yesterday I came home to find some letters to Santa on our kitchen table. This was page 2 of our 3 year old’s, as transcribed by her patient big sister ~

A quick scan — glow in the dark eyes (odd), a real bunny (not), wii remote (practical), American Girl accessories (standard), a piece of paper (uh, sure) a happy family (wait, what??)…

A happy family. Right there on the same list as toys and fuzzy animals and superpowers. That simple. That important. A happy family.

A few tears welled. It’s just that straight forward. We must do all we can to make our world happy. Not perfect. Not problem free. But happy. It comes in all flavors, shapes, and sizes, but we can identify what our happy looks like and go big with it. We can make it a priority. In good times and bad. Through holiday hooplah and beyond. The choice is ours. The effect is theirs.

Oooh that message was well timed.

To top off the moment, I turned over the list to find this ~

Let the happy of the season begin.

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