Share the High Fives

Posted on Friday December 16

At our son’s hockey game last weekend, I watched rink side. With my husband helping coach and the girls sleeping at Grandma’s, I was (happily) alone.

As the first big play went down, I heard my cheers echoing off the glass. Without realizing it, I quickly turned to the folks around me, hungry to share my excitement with other fans.

My response caught my attention.

Given that our little hockey players couldn’t even hear us from the other side of the glass, why did I have an overwhelming need to clap and yell and high five the strangers next to me? Why did this collective cheering feel so great…?

It felt great because sharing an experience is what connects us to the experience and to each other.

It’s the camaraderie and community of a synchronous “GOOOOAAAAALLLL” for which we as a species have an affinity. We don’t just want it. We need it. We thrive in it. And yes, we high five in it.

Whether on the dance floor celebrating the birthday girl, in the audience when the school choir asks us to join in for Deck the Halls, or huddling around the goalie at the end of the game, it’s these shared experiences that nourish the human spirit.

This holiday season, let’s share experiences. Sing together in the car. Chat in line at Target. Play cards until midnight with Grandpa.

We all know that long after the ball drops in Times Square, those metaphoric high fives will be the gifts that keep on giving.

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