The Sweetlife Story


The Juggle

We juggle. That’s what grown-ups do. All day, every day. More figuratively than literally, although I’m a big fan of both.

Living as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal, West Africa, I learned to juggle. Juggle my time. Juggle the needs of others. Juggle work and play. I also learned to really juggle. Three-balls-in-the-air juggle. Odd, perhaps, but I found that single accomplishment very rewarding, even among the many life changing aspects of my time in Africa. It was tangible. It was immediate. It felt good.

Time for Meetyme

Years later, Nate (affectionately known as Ned) and I were well into raising our first baby, Hudson, when I had a realization. With all the juggling required as a mom, wife, friend, employee…I wasn’t making time to juggle. To accomplish something new. To grow. The idea evolved into a club dubbed Meetyme (“me time”) where girlfriends gathered for rock climbing, snowshoeing, and trail running. It was a few hours, now and then, to add balance. It was nice. Really nice.

The short and sweet of it

Three babies and many awesome experiences later, Sweetlife Adventures was born.  The mission is simple - to provide unique experiences for mind, body and soul in ways that work for busy women. Sweetlife partners with expert instructors to create experiences that will push you in all the right ways, with complete respect for all you have to juggle to be there.

We know how hard it is to make time for ourselves. We also know what happens if we don’t.

Incidentally, I still enjoy juggling. Our kids think it’s really cool. Isn’t that sweet?