The Sweet Team

Sweetlife Adventures is a collection of people who share their time, talents, ideas, and passion to make sweet adventures an enriching part of daily life. Some of the key players include -

Kristi Orr

Founder/Mid-Atlantic Adventures

Kristi founded Sweetlife to empower women. To keep us growing and pushing and trying new things. To be the best version of ourselves so we can give our best to those around us – our friends, our family, our community.

Read more about the Sweetlife Story or check out some of Kristi’s ramblings on our blog, SweetTalk.

When she’s not deep in hot pink and blue, she and her husband try their best to live sweetly with their kids Hudson, Briggs, & Raleigh.

Her favorite part of Sweetlife? Seeing women walk away from an adventure smiling & standing taller with pride.

Alison Mikula

Colorado Adventures

Alison joins Sweetlife Adventures after nearly a decade of practicing law, and is excited to be part of a team creating opportunities for busy women to play and grow through adventures that are physical, soulful, and fun!

With the support of her partner, Paul, Alison enjoys the adventure of family life with their four children.  Each brings endless sweetness to her life and together they keep her days full and sometimes frenzied!

As a working mom, Alison has come to appreciate the importance — and the challenge — of making time for herself.  She finds that the sweetness and energy she generates while on her yoga mat, climbing a tough hill on her road bike, or hiking in the Colorado sunshine sustain her and help her to bring forth her best as mom, partner, community member and friend.

Her favorite part of Sweetlife? Helping other women live life in their own personal sweet spots.

Kirsten Carlson

Kirsten joined Sweetlife in 2011 as the summer intern and has stuck around ever since…

When she’s not adventuring, you’ll find Kirsten running along a river, skiing a mountain, or talking all things sustainability.

Her favorite part of Sweetlife? That feeling of pleasant exhaustion at the end of a day of adventuring that sends you home with a smile.

Renee DeBell

Corporate AdventuresRenee brings many years of corporate sweetness to the Sweetlife team. Prior to helping awesome companies take awesome adventures, she spent 8 years managing corporate groups, sports teams and bands for iconic hotel brands.

When she’s not designing your next out-of-this-world team building event she is “urban hiking” with her wolfhound, taking in live music with her husband or snuggling sweetly with her 10 month old son.

Her favorite part of Sweetlife? Seeing an activity transform a group of people from coworkers to teammates. Watching as the titles, job descriptions and office hierarchies fall away and the cohesion forms. Collaboration is a beautiful thing.

Rachel Keeter

Our endless summer intern, Rachel, brought her sweet smile all the way from Orlando, Florida…

A recent grad with a degree in Recreation and Leisure Services, Rachel helps with the inspiration and planning of adventures at Sweetlife. When she isn’t rocking a Hike & Be Happy Hour or Stand Up Paddle adventure, Rachel will likely be hiking the Front Range, hanging out with her girlfriends, or dreaming up her next international expedition.

Our favorite thing about Rachel? Her boundless energy and contagious laugh.