The Adventures

Day, evening, and weekend adventures for people who want to make life a little sweeter - that’s what Sweetlife is all about. We create unique experiences, take care of all the details, and do it at times that work for the schedules we all juggle.

What types of adventures?

Really cool ones. Things that will get your blood pumping and wheels spinning. Things that may make you want to scream from a mountain top (please go for it!). Definitely things that you might not think you can do. But you will do them. You will rock them. You will go home feeling really darn great about yourself. That greatness will be passed on to all the lovely people in your life. Everyone will be happy. The world will be a better place. That’s the type of cool adventures we’re talking about.

Specifically what types of adventures?

OK, we appreciate specifics too. The full service experiences include outings such as horseback riding, kayaking, snowshoeing, water skiing, rock climbing, yoga, sailing, trapeze, hiking, biking, fencing, and whitewater rafting. These outings will be done with a twist. A zing. A wow factor. View our Upcoming Adventures for specifics. Prepare to be wow’ed.

It’s in the details

You need easy. You deserve easy. That’s why everything is taken care of. Really. Full service. Just show up and we do the rest. Unique adventures. Premiere locations. Expert instruction. Coordinated equipment rental. Logistics support – snacks/meals, suggested packing lists, trip summaries. Emotional support – group camaraderie, enthusiastic leadership, meditation. C’mon folks, 5- star Carpe Diem is calling you.

Tell me more

There is so much to say about what a Sweetlife Adventure does for your mind, body, and soul. Keep reading in our FAQ section or contact us with specific questions.

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