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Sweetlife Adventures provides full service experiences combining adventure, fitness, and personal growth. You will kayak a reservoir at sunset. You will hang from a swinging trapeze. You will hike a trail full of wildflowers. The possibilities are endless.

The important thing is you will dedicate time to yourself. To be challenged. To accomplish something new. To have uninterrupted time in your head.

You will dedicate time to being your best you.

The Adventures

From horseback riding to doing yoga on a mountaintop, there’s an adventure for everyone. Click here to learn more about the types of adventures Sweetlife provides and why each one will rock your world.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is so much to say about what a Sweetlife Adventure does for your mind, body, and soul. Keep reading in our FAQ section or contact us with specific questions.

The Sweetlife Story

We are all looking for that perfect balance in life. Of course it’s different for everyone, but click here to see how three fabric balls stuffed with lentils helped Sweetlife founder, Kristi Orr, add a little yin to her yang.

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