How Sweet is Your Lemonade

Posted on Thursday June 28

For those of us in Colorado (and many other places in the U.S.), this summer is on fire. Literally. With record heat waves and extreme dry conditions, our sweet hills desperately need Mother Nature’s tears. ASAP.

Rain dance time.

In an odd twist, I spent last week in Playa del Carmen in a torrential downpour. A solid half of the annual college roommates getaway was enjoyed in the spa waiting area while Tropical Storm Debbie strapped on her dancing shoes.

With the greatest respect for the sweet souls whose homes are being threatened by flames or whose dream beach wedding was hastily held in a crowded hotel lobby, these are the times when true character shines.

The outpouring of positive thoughts, donations, and offers of places to stay for evacuees seen on Facebook and Twitter remind us of the beauty of community and the innate goodness of people.

Similarly, although by no means life threatening, the couple in Mexico who threw on their rain ponchos with a smile and explored the beach hand in hand were shining examples of a (margarita) glass being half full.

It’s empowering to acknowledge that although life will keeping giving us lemons, it is entirely up to us to make the lemonade. The sweeter the better.

Sometimes we even add vodka.


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