(30) Nine is So Fine

Posted on Tuesday March 27

Last Friday night was full of birthday shenanigans. Our daughter Hudson turned 9 and my lifelong BFF Andrea was 39.99 with her big 4-0 the next day, St. Patrick’s Day.

Andrea and I have been friends since just about Hudson’s age. She is pure and kind and has made me a better person for over 30 years.

Having a (now) 9 year old in the house, I can’t help but notice how much of my 9 year old self still lives. Last Friday night confirmed it.

The evening was spent listening to Hudson and a few buddies’ giddy birthday chatter. There was belly laughing, running around, and occasional whispers.

Late night was spent meeting a few Leprechauns to celebrate Andrea with some giddy 9 year old style fun. Sneaking into her yard at midnight armed with 40 clovers, there was belly laughing, running around, and occasional whispers.

The full circle of it all left me with an exciting realization. Even at 39.99 we’ve got a big dose of 9 in who we are. I’ll (hopefully) be feeling this way about 49.99, 59.99 and beyond.

Thank you Andrea, Hudson, and friends whose yards I TP in the future in an effort to keep this reminder fresh.

Viva the 9 year old in each of us!

*This photo from Hudson’s first birthday with Andrea holding her newborn first daughter made me smile. So much and so little has changed.

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