How the rain sweetened the week

Posted on Thursday July 21

Recently the weather in Denver has been fairly, shall we say, chaotic. We’ve had cool, sunny mornings followed by tumultuous, stormy afternoons. It feels a bit like monsoon season around here and no one seems to have an explanation. The weather has also thrown some of our Sweetlife Adventures events a few curveballs. This past Tuesday, we held our Hike and Be Happy Hour in a drizzle that became a flood by the time we got back to our cars. And today, we had planned a pretty fabulous evening of stand-up paddle, kayaking, dinner, and general festivity. Much to our chagrin, we had to cancel due to Mother Nature’s little temper tantrum. It will, of course, be rescheduled for another, sunnier day!

Despite the flooded Cherry Creek bike path, some people stuck it out!

All this disruption in Denver’s typically fabulous weather got me thinking about dealing with disappointments. Sometimes life throws us curveballs and we have the option to catch them and throw ‘em back or watch as they go whizzing past. Tuesday’s hike could surely have been disappointing, especially to a mom who drove 15 miles out of her way to enjoy a few precious hours of me-time. Instead, however, the hike turned out to be an amazing way to spend what would otherwise have been an uneventful, rainy evening. Here’s what went down:

6pm – Sweetlife crew and lovely ladies arrived at APEX park, clad in raincoats, ponchos, and wary expressions

6:15 – glances of concern were shared over the dark cloud above, but ultimately, with the thunder and lightening far away over the city, we took off

7 – rain has completely stopped, chatting has not, five ladies continue along the muddy trail enjoying the cool weather and rainbows

7:30 – deer sighting

7:45 – fawn sighting, collective ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhhhs’ from the group, not much gets cuter than a baby deer and her momma

8:00 – dark clouds return, chatter continues

8:30 – 5.9 miles later, with lightening storm looming in the distance, ladies make it back the cars just as the skies open and a deluge falls

9 – five wet but VERY satisfied ladies sit in an SUV amid car-seats, drinking wine, eating jelly beans, and talking about weddings and the confusing language that it ‘texting’

Being surrounded by such positivity despite the challenges of mud, rain, hills, and, eventually, a thunderstorm was wonderful. It made me realize how “disappointment” is usually in the eye of the beholder. Our Tuesday night was sweet for a number of reasons – jelly beans (sweet), wine (also sweet), chocolate (very sweet), new friends (even sweeter), making the best of Mother Nature’s moods (the sweetest). And that’s what was sweet about my week, surrounding myself with sweet new friends (and old) and learning that sticking it out often creates some of the best summer memories.

Dance as if no one is watching

Posted on Tuesday July 12

The Sweetlife Board of Directors often enjoys dance parties in the living room. They go wild. They shake what their momma gave them as if their momma was a Fly Girl with JLo. And they smile. Big, sweet, satisfied smiles. They look good. Really good.

The thing is – their momma couldn’t be further from a Fly Girl and honestly Daddy’s no Justin Timberlake either. But they don’t know that yet. And hopefully they never do. What a beautiful gift if they dance their whole lives as if no one is watching. Shouldn’t we all?

These upcoming Sweetlife Adventures will give you a chance to shake what your momma gave you. So fun – it won’t matter who’s watching.

Bollywood Dance Lesson & Dinner

Friday, November 19

6:30 pm – 10 pm

Just a few spots left – register now for this evening of melodramatic booty shaking, dinner and drinks.

Trapeze and Aerial Fitness Lesson & Lunch

Wednesday, December 1

10 am – 1 pm

A team of trained aerialists will lead you through a workout that includes trapeze and fabric ropes followed by a demonstration of their favorite Big Top moves. Lunch will be served. Click here for all the details and to register

Ballet Workout & Holiday Cheer

Wednesday, December 7

6 pm – 9 pm

Eat, drink, be merry & be fit with this festive workout. A ballet fitness workout and mini Nutcracker demonstration will give you a new appreciation for the athleticism hidden under Clara’s tutu. Top off the night with wine & cheese and holiday cheer. Click here for all the details and to register.


Perform Beautifully

Posted on Wednesday July 6

The other day I saw a billboard for Oakley’s line of women’s sporty and stylish sunglasses with the slogan “Perform Beautifully.”

Perform Beautifully. I love this. It says you can have it all. All that matters.

Sweetlife is a big fan of having it all through things that meet multiple needs ~ kid friendly restaurants that serve wine (convenient & therapeutic), high heeled Crocs (cute & comfortable), the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (informative & entertaining), Rihanna and Sugarland’s duet (soulful & sweet)…so Perform Beautifully really hits home.

What does Perform Beautifully mean to you? Is it being able to squeeze a run into your already packed schedule? Or perfecting your headstand at yoga? Or something more simple, like FINALLY learning to properly poach an egg (this one seriously took me 26 years). Whatever it is you do each day, do it beautifully and do it sweetly!









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