The Sweetness of Heifers.

Posted on Thursday June 30

One of the sweetest Sweetlifer’s we’ve met, shared a story with us recently about her mom’s group of BFF’s who called themselves “The Heifers”. A name they earned during a wild rafting trip this group of five Southern women had a commitment to adventure and each other that has endured and now been passed along to the next generation, know as the “Bitty Heifers”.

From snake-filled (yikes) canoe trips to Canadian mountain treks, The Heifers approach to adventure and friendship sounds dreamy and very “Ya Ya Sisterhood-esque”. And beyond the incredible memories, it sounds like the character-building and joie-de-vivre developed along the way that made them wonderful role models in the community.

What a treat to meet Bitty Heifer Anne and hear these stories. We’re confident she made The Heifers proud with her recent Sweetlife Adventure!


In whatever way you do it, keep The Heifer in you going strong!

Lake Love

Posted on Wednesday June 29

Lake Love

A group of us recently went wakeboarding and waterskiing. As we cruised the water, taking turns behind the boat, a variety of realizations filled my love tank…

1. You can be a mom of three (including one year old twins) and get up on one ski, rock it, and smile the whole time.

2. Wearing a fancy swimsuit and some bling does not exclude you from being a smokin’ waterskier, in fact, it may make you better ;)

3. Being the best in the group at something often means you are also the best cheerleader – supportive, patient, & excited to see everyone share your love for the sport.

4. When you know you’ve given your all and it’s still not working (darn that stupid wakeboard), just go ahead and use two skis. The view on top of the water is just as lovely.

5. DOING makes you happy. Toss in some great friends and it’s dreamy.

We returned to the marina feeling the lake love. I look forward to getting behind a boat soon. And watch out wakeboard – you and I will resolve our unfinished business.


oh the sweetness of summer

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